Here at ACustomBicycle we are immensely passionate about cycling. Not only are we passionate about the bikes we ride (standard for any avid cyclist), we are aware that its not just about possessing the perfect bike (or bikes), but enjoying the perfect ride and getting the most out of your training and performance.

So at ACustomBicycle we offer services for performance enhancements with our BikeFit packages to align you correctly to your bike.

As avid cyclists we know that it is important to ensure that the bike you ride is the bike you deserve. At ACustomBicycle we will facilitate all this and even throw in a cuppa (because we all love a brew stop).


Lastly, and most importantly, here at ACustomBicycle we want to keep up to date with your progress so we offer to join you on a ride to talk through the changes we make to your position.

In our minds the team here want to do what we would consider to be the best for you.

We look forward to meeting you. In the meantime, stay safe have fun and ride life.

I’ve ridden Road, XC/DH, TT, CX for 30 years.