The Full Road Fit (£115.00) is the best value of our services as it covers all the areas that are available separately.Should you be confident that you only require small tweaks to parts of your position we can cater for that too.

Cleat Positions £35.00

Saddle Mapping £45.00

Bike Sizing £40.00

Half Road Fit £75.00

Full Road Fit £115.00

TT/Tri-Fit £150.00

Additional bikes £40.00

Extra Services (From) £25.00

Wheel Balancing £30 (Pair)

after your fit we will bring you back within 7-9 weeks to see the progress you have made as part of the cost of your Bike Fit. Any additional part change/labour will apply although gaining performance is priceless.

During your consultation, we will discuss your aims & goals before a discipline-specific fit is carried out.

(Prices correct as of May 2017)

We use BIKEFIT & Dartfish along with PROLOGO pressure mapping during your assessment.

We offer a wide range of services to make your cycling more efficient, whatever you may wish to improve.




These 3 main areas do overlap & it is through your assessment based on the objectives that we have discussed prior to getting anywhere near your bike.

The various aspects of bike fit are broken down with the ‘full road fit’ being the most cost effective (£115) The components of this can be split into smaller assessments although additional costs may apply.