Using you road bike for TT isnt as daft as daft as you’d think.

We are conducting an experiment with clip on bars and an individually engineered seat post adaptor to replicate a forward mount seat position without removing the existing layback post.

We would all love to have a bike for every type of riding however this isn’t practical when we are not being paid to race. Having an already solid road position our studycase will be experimenting through analysing multiple positions and the use of varying products and equipment.

Working within a preset heart zone not exceeding an 80% power threshold over a regular out out & back route so that as many of external factors can be accounted for.

We could use indoor assessment or wind tunnel testing but We dont have a wind tunnel and we are aiming to stow that without spending a fortune you might just be able to smash a PB in one discipline one day and still match your club mates on another or indeed any sportive using the same bike.

It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks will pan out?