Hi, my name is Jon. I started cycling following knee trouble forced me to take a year off playing rugby. As a non impact pastime I was able to maintain my fitness & actually increase it due to the longer periods of sustained Cardiovascular exercise. I have ridden road until the MTB explosion in the Late 80’s early 90’s. Racing both cross country & downhill until Foot & mouth forced the sport into hibernation for a couple of season.

Back on the road I had my bike build up with the components that I wanted/could afford, this was not that much better than a complete bike although the quality of the wheels was far greater than similarly priced bikes that I could have ridden away from the shop on.

Over the years I have witnessed many new bikes leave shops or friends taking collection of their new bikes. Almost all of them have some changes made within weeks.

The largest improvement any rider can make is to have a bike that fits them and fits their needs & requirements. sportive riders need a different set up than a racer. Commuters need a totally different set up too. each bike can give a totally different experience, we can work with you to ensure that you get the most out of your saddle time.

That is why ACustomBicycle was created.

I hope that you enjoy every part of your bike.